Focuspremium emerges in accordance with the vision of its founder, who saw the opportunity to create a premium event consulting services company, exclusive press coverage, and expertise in international fashion productions, nowadays a leader in its sector.

With extensive experience in the editorial field, Fátima Magalhães promptly launched F Luxury magazine, a unique quarterly publication available on newsstands in Portugal and Angola, positioned in the premium editorial segment, entirely dedicated to the luxury aspect. The magazine is complemented by its website, with an English version available, featuring an online store where readers can purchase editions in both print and digital formats.

Closer than ever to its clients and partners, Focuspremium offers F Club Magazine, a network of excellence in business relationships that goes beyond simple networking. It is a club that drives the growth, innovation, and success of a company or brand in an increasingly interconnected and dynamic business environment.

Today, Focuspremium is a solid and cohesive multidisciplinary group, where all companies and enterprises, brands and concepts, come together to provide a service of excellence.


Focuspremium is an international company, a leader in its field, offering consultancy services for premium events, exclusive press coverage – with an emphasis on presenting and promoting companies, brands, and individuals. Its main priority, and what sets it apart is the strong commitment of the company to its proposed objectives and respect for its clients.

With extensive experience in the editorial field, Focuspremium launched F Luxury magazine, a quarterly publication entirely dedicated to the luxury segment.

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F Luxury is a premium editorial publication focused on a luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle, establishing carefully crafted alliances with various luxury segment brands, aimed at a knowledgeable and demanding audience that values content based on accuracy and the most exclusive trends.

Being physically present in Portuguese and Angolan territories, and online for the entire world, with a Portuguese and English version, F Luxury is a magazine renowned for the quality of its top-tier content, aimed at an audience with high expectations and purchasing power.

F Club

The F Club‘s mission is clear: to bring together brands, companies and people who share similar entrepreneurial goals and visions, creating solid bonds in the business world. In addition, we are committed to strengthening the community of female entrepreneurs in the premium segment and highlighting high-end brands and products. As a spin-off project from F Luxury, F Club follows the same tradition of excellence, providing a specialised space for the promotion of outstanding brands and projects. Its main focus is on increasing the visibility of the companies involved, driving their continued growth.

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