Within this scope, Focuspremium offers tailor made luxury services and experiences. Due to our experience, we provide luxury services totally adapted to your needs and we can satisfy (almost) all your requests, no matter how extravagant they may be. The activity is divided between the corporate and personal areas.

Our luxury Concierge activity is almost like that of a “personal assistant”, a service that will take care of your well-being, attend to your requests, inform and advise you about Lisbon and its attractions, provide a private chauffeur or a service of permanent taxi, rent a car, book a restaurant or hotel, in short, everything we do to satisfy your wishes.

Basically, we are able to offer sophisticated experiences that cannot be accessed individually. We manage time and provide happiness. From the most eccentric wills to memorable experiences, with our personalized lifestyle management services, you can be sure of our efficiency, as there is no limit to your dreams.

Our services


An advisory service and personal shopping, where we make the image profile and accompany the customer in the purchases, taking him to the best stores, suggesting the most appropriate to the client’s style, objectives and budget.

However, the personal shopper service goes far beyond helping with shopping, searching for what is beautiful and what is fashionable. The main objective is to find the perfect outfit and accessories. A combination that will relate what the customer needs and what will bring him security. The purchase, made in a rational and efficient way, is directed taking into account the needs and style of each customer.


Enjoy unexpected pleasures, with priority access in restaurants. Our attention to detail is rigorous, as well as our selection of spaces perfect for all tastes, luxury establishments that offer a unique service. Because we want to provide a unique and personalized experience in the best restaurants in Lisbon, according to gastronomic preferences, please contact us.


Throughout your stay, whether for leisure, meeting or event, Focuspremium will always be available to accompany the process. It is crucial to understand your preferences, as well as the ideal location, to present you with the best options for 5-star hotels that not only meet, but exceed expectations. Once the desired hotel is selected, we proceed with the reservation, as well as we make every effort to provide you with the best stay.

Beauty Expert

With extensive experience in the universe of beauty and equipped with the right partners, we help to create a unique experience in acquiring the best products in the industry. Thus, we inspire you to make a purchase in the most premium spaces and in a personalized way, advising, for example, in the selection of creams suitable to the client’s skin. Putting our customer’s priority first, we also provide access to the best Spas, making the beauty experience even more rewarding.