We organize events for all customers who want to become major brands and products to their target audience.

At Focuspremium you can count on a high standard team, which carefully carry out: strategies, advice, invitation customization, hostesses, catering services, transport and communication.

It is important to know that the role of event adviser is different from that of a promoter or master of ceremonies. Basically, we will be responsible for monitoring the entire process, from the conception of the event to its ending. Our organizational functions include suggesting partnerships, negotiating with suppliers, managing the schedule, resolving contingencies and supervising all tasks related to the production of the event.

Because we know that your event is a unique and unrepeatable moment, we have a range of services and solutions tailored to ensure your business’s visibility and notoriety.


The biggest advantage in hiring us is the experience of our professionals specialized in the area. Producing a successful party, whether celebrating a birthday or a special occasion, implies hiring and using various services. Between buffet, entertainers, DJs, lighting, selection of space and security, among other factors, Focuspremium is responsible for the good results so that the celebration and fun take place in the best way.

Corporate events

A well-produced corporate event has excellent effects on the image and success of a company or brand. Therefore, it is important that everything is done with great care and professionalism to ensure that those involved, and guests have the best experience possible with the occasion. The more complex the event, the more important it is to hire our services: sending and managing invitations, organizing workshops, launches, brand activation, beauty events and Christmas parties, are some examples of actions that may require our professional expertise to guarantee a successful event.

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