In a new event with Focuspremium's signature for F Luxury, distinguished guests participated in the second beauty workshop promoted by Clarins Beauty School.

In this pleasant session, held last Thursday at the Portobay Avenida Hotel in Lisbon, the guests were welcomed by our Director and CEO, Fátima Magalhães, and by our Beauty Director, Débora Montenegro, and had the opportunity to experience the products and brand news.

In particular they became aware of the origins of Clarins and learned that for the brand it is not enough to formulate a product, because Clarins creates methods of application in order to get the most out of its essentials based on the knowledge of the skin, as well as easy techniques to repeat at home.

During the session, our guests experienced how to:

  • Remove makeup with water
  • How to apply day cream
  • How to remove eye makeup
  • How to apply night cream
  • How to apply a serum
  • How to apply an eye contour cream

Clarins' promise is that simple daily care is always a sensory experience. Therefore, optimize the benefits of each treatment by feeling the scent of each product before applying it.