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Focuspremium develops exclusive press production and editing services aimed at companies, brands, and prestigious personalities, within a premium segment.

Through our services we provide: Customer Activity Tracking | Success Stories | Exclusive Event Coverage

Our Magazine

Focused on a luxury lifestyle, in the broadest range of areas of interest, from fashion and beauty to various types of art, not to mention high watches and jewelry, travel and prominent personalities, F Luxury is aimed at a highly demanding audience that places a high value on information and the latest trends.

Positioned in the «premium» publishing segment, F Luxury seeks to highlight the key elements of a sophisticated lifestyle, combining the quality of the most exclusive content with the latest trends.

The current bet of F Luxury is to significantly strengthen its interactive digital platform, always active and updated, to the satisfaction of the thousands of readers who already accompany us daily. Thus, in addition to the website www.fluxurymagazine.com and its own App, F Luxury have now one shop online where all the magazines can be purchased.

Following its growth, F Luxury also became available at the Digital Kiosk of the airline company TAP and can be read on board its planes at Top Executive and Executive classes.

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F Luxury is the best way to position your premium brand in a unique magazine.
– Magazine segmented in luxury positioning;
– Meets the profile of a kinesthetic customer, who likes to handle reading material;
– Association with advertising brands, which guarantees support and credibility;
– Privileged contact with readers in the luxury sector.

With a careful and premium distribution, F Luxury can be purchased in the online store https://shop.fluxurymagazine.com and in several points of sale in Angola and Portugal.

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F Luxury combines print strength and online convenience by strengthening both media. With an interactive digital platform, updated, its thousands of readers can follow the magazine daily through its website which results in a good way to position your brand.
  – Segmentation is synonymous with savings in the marketing budget and the possibilities for segmentation on the Internet are numerous;
  – Disclosure. Social networks have already become part of the life of more than 80% of internet users and the content that interests this audience can be shared, resulting in the famous “word of mouth”, but now exponentially by technology;
  – Speed and dynamism, as another important factor is the control of Internet campaigns, since it is possible to start or stop the ads very quickly;
  – More affordable costs.