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F Club, founded by Fátima Magalhães, was born with the intention of bringing together businesswomen and entrepreneurs, around current issues and female empowerment, with gastronomy as a backdrop. A new club that promotes the meeting of its female members, every two months. And being a club of businesswomen that operates in the Business Management process, it covers all areas and sectors of business organizations.

With the purpose of joining companies already known from Focuspremium and F Luxury, to promote premium companies, F Club was conceived with a business vision, with clearly defined strategies, with careful selection and staff development, with values, principles, fundamentals and philosophy and a clear differentiating proposal that allows us to provide a service at the highest level.


The main goal of F Club is to promote contact between people with the same business concerns and to create connections between the academic, financial and business worlds. Establish the union between businesswomen and network in the premium segment of any size or commercial, industrial or service segment, sharing experiences, giving new ideas and suggestions, publicizing companies and, especially being part of the best business relationship network, where the our business model is primarily focused on increasing the visibility of participating companies, thus contributing to their growth.

Fátima Magalhães
Fátima Magalhães

F Club wants to be more than a conversation or a networking initiative, because here more is exchanged than cards. Experiences are exchanged, views are shared, and relationships are created. Partnerships are encouraged and connections are established. F Club promotes encounters and contact between women, executives and entrepreneurs, but do not think that it is a sexist club, as men are equally welcome. We just want women to rule, in order to provide feminine empowerment.


F Club’s focus is to promote and establish direct personal relationships so that they achieve better business development at all levels. F Club organizes bimonthly meetings for all its members and guests in the form of a lecture / lunch. Depending on the package, the partners may, once a year, present their company, where lectures of common interest will be made today, as well as exchanges between businesspeople at the highest level.

What it is? It’s about a bimonthly lunch developed in an intimate format, which invites people to meet and share. Around a table, a guest and a theme, women have a unique opportunity to be part of a joint reflection on female leadership, gender equality and the challenges of contemporary women.

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Welcome to F Club!

How to become a F Club Member

We invite all Directors to learn more about F Club where they can network and establish new relationships with people who share the same economic interests.

To become a member, simply access below and select the form that best suits you.

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