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In the scope of production, we provide different services, from advice at any stage of the process, to the completion of all production.

A fascinating universe that includes beauty, innovation, creativity and image. Fashion production can help to expose a brand or a person. From photo shoots, fashion and beauty editorials, to external locations or studios, and other needs, fashion production can be another solution in promoting products and services. The fashion market is very strong, with collections changing every six months, sometimes less, if we consider the cruise collections, and this gives us the opportunity to always reinvent ourselves and grow in this field. With the best professionals, from stylists to photographers, we can provide this type of advisory in the best way.

We Provide: Moodboards Creation | Photographer | Selection of models | Styling | Hairstyling and Make-up

Our latest productions

Micaela Oliveira in production for F Luxury

Inês e Joana Aguiar in production for F Luxury

Júlia Palha in production for F Luxury