F Club, an epicenter dedicated to showcasing exceptional brands and projects, serves as an exclusive platform to highlight companies. In this way, the F Club focuses on expanding the visibility of its partners, providing a unique and sophisticated environment, and excellence under the mentorship and leadership of Fátima Magalhães. This club is the celebration of luxury in its most authentic form.

F Club is not just a club; above all, it is a center of strategic affinities fueled by the influential lifestyle magazine F Luxury. Here, the most exclusive brands and products bearing the seal of quality and sustainability find their place alongside prominent companies that share identical values.

Our proposal

Our mission is clear: to bring together brands, companies, and individuals who share similar business goals and visions, forging strong bonds in the world of business. Additionally, we are committed to strengthening the community of entrepreneurs in the premium segment and highlighting high-standard brands and products. As a project stemming from F LuxuryF Club follows the same tradition of excellence, providing a specialized space for the promotion of outstanding brands and projects. Our primary focus is on enhancing the visibility of the involved companies, propelling their continuous growth.


Our goals are clear and ambitious. F Club aims to foster direct relationships among companies that share the desire for success in all dimensions. Our exclusive events, meticulously organized by the parent company, Focuspremium, are memorable experiences. And, of course, we always rely on the powerful media partnership with F Luxury.

By joining F Club, each company has the opportunity to showcase its brand and reveal its values at the unique events we organize. These events always feature notable personalities in the luxury segment, carefully chosen by the founder, Fátima Magalhães.

Conceived with a clear business vision and well-defined strategies, F Club is the gateway to a world of exceptional opportunities. Our commitment is to provide excellent service, always accompanied by coverage in the exclusive communication of F Luxury.

Welcome to F Club, where excellence is celebrated, and the future is secured through powerful relationships. Join us on this path of luxury and success and celebrate exclusivity with F Club.

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